Meet Your Hosts


Kelly Coffey

Kelly relocated from NYC to Vermont in 2003. Born and raised in New Jersey, her accent is still clear when pronouncing words like 'sauce' and 'call'.  Among her greatest accomplishments are getting screamed at by a mime at Fisherman's Wharf and making an asthmatic co-worker laugh to the point where their boss had to call an ambulance.  

Growing tired of talking to herself, Kelly decided to launch a podcast and the idea sat for several years due to school, jobs and limited motivation.  Darek and Kelly are now doing the podcast together and so far, neither of them has left the room in tears. 

Kelly lives with her wife Michele, who provides feedback, food, and on occasion, commentary from the next room while recording a show.  Their lives revolve around their dog, Mollie, a black lab so smart she could probably drive a car and Papi Alejandro Lionel Joseph Butter Coffey de Palardy, who is a drama queen Chihuahua rescue who is rumored to have been given up for adoption after biting a baby.  

When not podcasting, Kelly is a student at Northern Vermont University working toward a degree in Psychology, cobbling together an income with 2 part-time jobs. She works hard for the money…so hard for it, honey. She works hard for the money so you better treat her right.


Darek Fanton

Darek grew up in a series of small towns in Northern Vermont and defines the eras of his life by the pets he had at the time. Eventually deciding to professionally “English” at college in New Hampshire, he had a front row seat to the collapse of the newspaper industry, and the muffled wails of his journalism degree echo to this day.

After moving back to Vermont, Darek found himself working a torturous night shift at IBM that (quite fortuitously it would turn out) placed him in front of a computer screen with a great deal of nightly downtime. While he retains very little of what he learned about microprocessor manufacturing, he used the time to hone his skills in blogging, internet research and making the best of a dreadfully dull situation, lessons that would prove fruitful in time.

Darek now lives in Chittenden County Vermont with his incredibly tolerant wife and four fuzzy family members (follow his dog on Instagram @henry_hamilton_vandersnoot). His passion for words has led him to the dream job he never knew he wanted (or existed) as the Content & Communications Manager (words guy) at Logic Supply, an industrial computer company based in South Burlington. The intersection of language and unadulterated nerdery suit him quite well. In addition to his co-hosting gig on Bitter Coffey, Darek also produces and edits the show, hence the occasional dodgy cut or miss-balanced episode.

Top Photo by Michele Palardy. Darek’s profile photo by Moriah Hounsell Photography.