Episode 8 - Juice Box of Wine

Episode 8 - Juice Box of Wine

On this very special, injury free, episode of Bitter Coffey, we’re in the Christmas spirit, we’re making major life announcements and we’re experimenting with our first ever cold close. Is that even a thing? Find out after the outro music! Also, the subscriber mugs have arrived and Kelly has a new Twitter handle. There’s also talk about the different versions of the Winnie the Pooh theme song, green candy flavors, the horror of company Christmas parties, what your Christmas lights say about you, and we find out the strangest Christmas gifts Kelly and Darek have ever received.

This Week’s Topics

  • Hugs for Mugs

  • The Ballad of Flouncy_Trager

  • Pooh Confusion

  • The Great Green Candy Debate

  • Henry’s Christmas Sweater

  • Reading iTunes Reviews (with special effects)

  • The Terror of A Company Christmas Party

  • Crooner for Hire

  • The Problematic Nature of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

  • Other Songs That Aren’t About What You Think

  • What Your Christmas Lights Say About You (Plus a Very Special Announcement)

  • An Overly French Musical Theater Experience

  • Arret Fromage

  • The Random Question - What’s The Weirdest Christmas Give You’ve Ever Gotten?

  • An Obsession With All Things That Glow in the Dark

  • Our First “Cold Close” - Messin’ With Effects and Talkin’ Mars Cameras

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Episode 9 - Hibiscus Cloudberry

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