Episode 12 - Girl, You Know It’s...

It’s a love-filled episode of Bitter Coffey as Kelly and Darek reflect on the strangeness that is Valentine’s Day. They talk about the guy who fought a mountain lion and lived to tell the very subdued story. Darek also offers some pointed advice about attending concerts and laments the terrors of driving in Boston. Finally, our hosts explore which of them is more Milli and which is more Vanilli and reflect on the glory that was Behind the Music and MTV Cribs.

Episode 11 - The Marvelous Mrs Marble

On this episode of Bitter Coffey, we’re firing right into thins by talking about BJ’s (you know, the wholesale store). Kelly and Darek read some iTunes reviews and give some shoutouts. It’s Super Bowl weekend, so there’s plenty of talk about..the Puppy Bowl and the wonders of the MarbleLympics. We finally get into the wonders of the Marvelous Mrs Maisel and Darek has a new podcast sign-off! In the “cold close”, Kelly shares her early morning podcast listening routine and the delicate way she wakes Michele up to share it.

Episode 10 - A Unicorn That Invented Fire

We’re back, and we’re full of gluten! On this episode of Bitter Coffey, Kelly and Darek address some of the feedback about their “desert island” bands, explore the fashion phenomenon that is Shooties, discuss methods for dismissing guests who have overstayed their welcome and tease an upcoming conversation about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. There’s also talk of bands who’ve evolved over time, courtesy of a topic discussed on the Fan Story podcast.