Episode 4 - They Call it 'Merch'

On episode 4 of Bitter Coffey, Darek and Kelly talk about the launch of the pod, read some listener email, make a surprise discovery about house balls, talk about Kelly's passion for demonstrations and share their love for the Great British Baking Show. We also make an announcement about a special giveaway!

Episode 3 - House Balls & Crickets

In episode 3 of this freshly-dubbed "comedy" podcast, Kelly and Darek revisit the concept of "thirsty", workshop alternative podcast concepts, discuss the unfortunate affliction of verbal diarrhea, touch on Hulu's "The First" and go deep to examine The Sutherland Dilemma.

Episode 2 - Rutabaga Knowledge

It’s the second episode and the audio is a bit better...so there’s that at least. Kelly and Darek look back at the first episode, identify a scourge upon both Kelly and the podcast itself, reflect on their worst jobs they’ve ever had, the trials of adulting, talk Top Chef and Darek tells a story about a guy, his house, and the guy’s balls.