Episode 17 - Definitely Road Vaginas

As Darek embarks on paternity leave, we close out Season 1 of Bitter Coffey with some (arguably TOO much) excitement about Winooski’s upcoming road vaginas, engage in a robust punctuation debate that would damage most friendships, and with the help of guest-host Mo Citro, further explore our odd fascination with Celine Dion. At one point in the show, Kelly begins speaking in a Canadian accent that isn’t detected until post-production, and we may or may not lovingly compare Darek’s baby with a tuned-up bicycle. Michele encounters her first live rat and records a video of him or her running errands around town. We will be back for Season 2 after childbirth & adjustment to fatherhood, summer courses and open-mouth naps in the sun.  Stay fresh this summer, Cheesebags!

Episode 16 - Warmly, Morgan

On this episode of the definitely still a “comedy” podcast Bitter Coffey, Kelly hatches a plan to start a band with Darek’s Mom, reads a letter from friend of the show Morgan, and our hosts offer some very dubious relationship advice. We also discover that one poor listener has been suffering through the podcast (more than most) at 1.5 speed, which leads us into the dark and disturbing world of “drunk speed”. Darek also goes off on a rant about gendered baby clothing, and Kelly is chased by a literal beaver.

Episode 15 - A Bunch of Singletons (with Mo Citro)

Mo Citro somehow finds the mental strength to return for another episode of Bitter Coffey! Following a delightful pretzel chicken dinner, our hosts discuss the lie that is instant cake mix and discover that celery water rids your body of more than just toxins. Kelly shares the greatest personal ad in history, discusses her distaste for incorrect pluralization, there’s some delightful effects experimentation and there’s conversation about more terrible job experiences. We mourn the loss of the Northern Vermont institution Pizza Putt and discuss the Aunt Becky college admissions controversy. We also want to hear about the everyday items that make you feel like a rich person.