Episode 19 - Denta-Wands and Rat Roulette

After a bit of a newborn-related hiatus, Kelly and Darek are back to regale you with tales of their best years ever, share some significant life updates, reflect on their distinct experiences with the Champlain Valley Fair and Y2K and Kelly saddles Darek with a dodgy nickname. Along the way, Kelly shares a newly identified pet peeve and Darek gets confused about when Jim Carrey’s early films came out (which he's now aware of, so there's no reason to point it out).

Episode 18 - The Nacho Bar is a Lie (with Glad Douse)

Our hosts are joined by rockstar in attitude and profession, Gladys Douse (who also happens to be Darek’s mother). Glad shares her experiences as a lifelong Vermonter who now lives in North Carolina, as well her musical journey and evolution. The group also chats about the lie that is the storied baby shower nacho bar, sun couch season, perms and so much more.

Episode 17 - Definitely Road Vaginas

As Darek embarks on paternity leave, we close out Season 1 of Bitter Coffey with some (arguably TOO much) excitement about Winooski’s upcoming road vaginas, engage in a robust punctuation debate that would damage most friendships, and with the help of guest-host Mo Citro, further explore our odd fascination with Celine Dion. At one point in the show, Kelly begins speaking in a Canadian accent that isn’t detected until post-production, and we may or may not lovingly compare Darek’s baby with a tuned-up bicycle. Michele encounters her first live rat and records a video of him or her running errands around town. We will be back for Season 2 after childbirth & adjustment to fatherhood, summer courses and open-mouth naps in the sun.  Stay fresh this summer, Cheesebags!